One of the largest communication vehicles around the world, over time it has become a true portuguese ambassador of Tourism, Gastronomy & Sustainability. The boutique-brand is recognized as a provider of relevant and quality content, with credibility worldwide, supplying the publishing market. With daily updates, we guarantee the best speed of information.

To see the smile of each reader in the most beautiful photos, we search for unusual addresses, anticipate the style of the newest trends, calculate the best cost X benefit, we collect incredible destinations, memorable events, and the most outstanding flavors.

Top Check-in® also produces the Official World Guide of Hotels, Restaurants, Ski and Cruise Lines. The Evaluations are carried out by Expert Inspectors and Gastronomic Critics, as well as Indications by Travelers and Gourmets, who together makes the largest social network of Tourism & Gastronomy nowadays. A select list only with the best establishments, emphasizing quality rather than quantity. All establishments covered by the Top Check-in® Seal undergo a careful selection for evaluation, making up a selected list that meets criteria used internationally. A certificate of excellence is provided within the Hospitality and Catering Stamp Classification System for establishments that have Exclusive Reviews and have been evaluated by a member personally sent to convey the full experience, making a notable contribution by distinction within of the segment.

Credibility is an added value to the lists, generating direct drive and empowerment of brands, as well as immediate impact on the perception and revenue of guests, diners and crew. All year long listed and recommended establishments and brands have their products and services promoted through various media opportunities and periodic segmented bulletins. The award automatically generates the promotion of the level of services of the segment industry, concentrating establishments that aim at continuous improvement and are aware of their social responsibility. Recognition of the world-class communication vehicle, categorized by experts, offers the establishment a standard tuition and unique experience report to the reader.

The speed of information is based on ethics, commitment to continuous improvement, valorization of human capital, overcoming results and innovation. The press vehicle embraces the concept of Social Responsibility, contributing to business opportunities, research, and investment promotion in the sector.

"Mobilizing and raising awareness about sustainability is not the future but the present."

We invite you to share with us, from now on, with your own experiences, through our Collaborative Platform. Good reading!


We offer our trading partners greater coverage and better reach of results. Through our platforms, your business will receive leads and customer ratings from around the world, adding value to your business and revenue generation. We use professional tools, so our stakeholders can reach potential customers, influencers and companies segmented within a vehicle with maximum voice communication in the digital environment. Teambuildings contribute to the benefit of the shared economy in the industry.

We are connected to the fundamental entrepreneurial ecosystem to increase the chances of success of the organization and its hubs, taking advantage of all the resources, benchmarks and facilities offered for success. A startup that has turned into one of the greatest cases of success within the world of entrepreneurship.

Leader in research and marketing influence in the Tourism and Food industries, we follow the recommendations and parameters of the World Tourism Organization / United Nations. Our core business is to provide visitors with the innovative tools they need to become aware of their critical decision priorities and build their own memorable experiences.

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